Sunday, August 28, 2011

Citibank "Rewards" Card.

As part of my "rewards" for opening the Citibank card and spending $300 (which I did by paying my car insurance) , I got 6000 "points" which I used to get a $50 JC Penny gift card and a Harry Potter book.  

Normally this card will only give you a single point for every dollar you spend.  Since my "Chase Freedom" card actually pays cash, I no longer intend to use the Citibank card.

While I am on this subject, Chase bank offered $100 for opening a credit card, a checking account, and a savings account.  I did all three.  I intend to close the savings account after 90 days because I had to put $10,000 in there, and they pay practically nothing in interest.  I like their credit card and I am O.K. with their checking account.  

One to two years ago I got a free GPS (after my first one was stolen) by opening a Key Bank account.  Now maybe I am thinking that I have too many bank accounts and need to close at least one.

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